How Much Does Google Know About You?

google know about you

Have you ever thought about how much the company knows everything about you? If you ask Google anything, it’s incredibly difficult for it not to know the answer, do you think you run away from that? Google is fabulous and at the same time a terrible company, it all depends on the point of view with which you see it. The services offered by this technology company have few or no rivals, and this is why millions and millions of people around the world use Google products. But, these products are not free, no matter you have never paid a penny for them, everything that Google offers comes with a price that is written in small print in the service contract.

google know about you

Google tracks practically all our movements on the network, even when we are not connected. Google knows so much about us that it perhaps knows us better than some of our friends, or even our mother. Although there are several ways to decide what you share and not with Google, and to what extent you are tracked by the company, most people have no idea about this, and those who know the tools and use them still have no complete escape from the eye. that sees everything, even if you stop using Google services.

How Much Does Google Know Me?

If we analyze a little where this giant has its eyes, we can calculate more or less how much the company knows about us. Surely more than once you have gotten a smile seeing how Google search results find exactly what you want as if the search engine was made especially for you, and it is because it is. Let’s see if you keep smiling at the end of this article.

If you want to know what the Internet says about you, surely your first option is to go to Google, and there you will find the first clue of how much this company knows about us.

Your Browsing History

From the Google History page, you can review each and every one of the searches you have done, broken down by time and date, be it the web, blogs, news, etc. This is part of Google’s tracking of everything you search for, from any device on which you are registered with your Google account. The company claims to use it to show you more relevant results completely tailored to your preferences, but this also works as a bubble in which Google puts you and that does not let you out of that user profile that the search engine creates for you.

Whether you log in with your Google account or not, thanks to Google cookies it still tracks all the sites you visit, how often you do it, how much time you spend on them, what order you access, and much more. Furthermore, this information is more than useful for advertisers who buy advertising space on Google, and for all the marketing the company engages in. And of course, that someone else that you can have access to this type of information, represents a quite big privacy problem.

Gmail Privado?

There is no such thing as private email when it comes to Google. If you have been using Gmail happily for many years, like me, and like millions of users, you should know that Google has access to everything you write from your account. It even uses the content of your private emails to show you personalized advertising. Use even what those who write emails to you write, regardless of whether they come from another mail service.

It is no surprise that Google knows your tastes so well if it even gets into your private conversations.

Your Documents, Our Servers

They may be your documents, but they are in the Google cloud and of course, Google can read them. All of Google’s services share unified terms of services, so if Google takes the liberty of reading your emails and getting data from them for whatever they do with the information, can you possibly expect that your documents in Drive aren’t read?

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