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TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey

Taco Bell is one of the innovative and fast-moving companies in the food industry. It is an American company but worldwide it has branches. To maintain all these stores at high-level standards Taco bell is conducting a survey called Tellthebell. By conducting this survey and collecting the customer’s response regarding the products, today also Taco bell is maintaining its position at the place.


TelltheBell is a consumer complete satisfaction survey that Taco Bell is undertaking in order to get feedback from its clients. The business can utilize the important opinions of the clients in order to enhance its services. There are a couple of things that you require to comprehend before taking part in the survey.

About Taco Bell Customer Survey Feedback

Taco Bell was established by Glenn Bell. He opened a hotdog stand in 1946 when he was just 23 years old and named it Bell’s drive. After that, he operated a variety of dining establishments and lastly opening the first Taco Bell in 1962 in California. Taco Bell went Public in 1970 with an overall of 325 dining establishments. PepsiCo acquired Taco Bell from Glenn Bell in 1978 and handles it till date.

As of now, there is an overall of 7000 places of Taco Bell all around the world in a variety of nations. The dining establishment specializes in Tex-Mex (Texan and Mexican combination) foods with Tacos as its piece de resistance, which appears from the name itself. Taco Bell serves more than 2 billion clients in a year.

Tellthebell Basic Requirements

Though the survey is made very easy there are some important requirements before you start the survey, they are as follows.

  • The basics requirement is that customer must have an electronic device to fill a complete form, as it is already told that it is an online form means you can fill it on mobile or computer.
  • Its common thing that is you should have a valid phone number as well as an Email-id. The reason to have such things that, the restaurant can contact you easily for any case.
  • There no use of the electronic device, Email-id or phone number if you don’t have a good internet connection. Only because of the good internet connection, you can attempt the survey as early as possible.
  • If you have the above-mentioned requirements then you can easily complete the survey without any distraction.

How to Participate in TellTheBell Survey

tacobell survey

  • Do visit the official website of TellTheBell survey,
  • Then, you have to enter sixteen-digit TellTheBell code which is available on the receipt of last purchased at the Taco Bell restaurant.
  • Click on the START button, to begin with, the TellTheBell survey.
  • Then the questionnaire will be shown on the display. You have to answer all the questions honestly and true about the visit to Taco Bell.
  • You may be asked related taste, quality, ratings on the factors out of 10, service, quantity, and hygiene of the restaurant.
  • It is mandatory to provide contact details in the given form.
  • At the end of the survey clicks on YES and you can win reward up to $500.

Peryourhealth Pay Your Bills Online

Want to pay the medical bill after getting from the hospital, doctor or clinic visit. Then log in at which is an online web portal, where the patient & their relative can make medical bills payment. Use your billing statement number or your registered user id to login/sign-in payment page through Peryourhealth web page. If you do not account holder create before doing to payment. Hence, there more question arise in your mind about Peryourhealth online medical billing portal. We suggested you see below info for all.

per your health

Peryourhealth is an online way through which you can actually access your account anytime anywhere. With the account, you can pay your bills, check your statements, request balance transfers and much more. The portal also provides the facility to notify you of all the important information through account alerts. You will have to activate your account alert to receive a notification whenever your payment is coming due, whenever the amount credited/debited etc. To login to your account, you must have entered the account number and password.

Login at

  • You need Peryourealth official site. You can find the official site here.
  • On the homepage, you can find information about the account login.
  • You can log into your account using your account number.
  • Now enter your ID in the input box and then click on the Continue button to proceed.
  • Once you proceed, you will get another screen to fill more details like a password.
  • Now enter the password and click on the “submit” button.
  • If your account ID and password are correct, you can log into your health account, and you can check your bills and pay them online as well.

Forgot your registered user id?

  • Dear customer if you are unable to access your Peryourhealth account due to lost personal id.
  • Please click on “Forgot Personal id” which will be below the “Continue” button or use the link to retrieve your
  • personal id.
  • A page will be promoted to a new page.
  • If you have previously registered a user account on PerYourHealth, but have forgotten the user id, you may
  • enter your billing account number here to recover the user id.
  • An email will be sent to the address you registered with, containing the user id.

Peryourhealth Benefits

peryourhealth site

  • The medical bills can be paid from anywhere without facing any kind of trouble.
  • All the services were available 24/7.
  • One can learn the current status in terms of notifications provided through the portal.
  • You have a chance to verify the due bills, transaction statements, and many more.
  • Previous medical history can also be viewed by accessing the corresponding online portal.
  • Peryourhealth is safe, secure, and highly confidential.
  • Anyone can operate or access the portal as it is simple and has come up with a user-friendly interface.

In my thoughts, the details or information provided here is very much clear. If you have any doubt, post a comment. We will help in guiding you anytime. Also, if you like to have or learn more details, post a comment. We will update you with the needful content in less period. Like and share this useful data over any of your social networking sites undoubtedly. Keep in touch with PerYourHealth for learning more interesting facts related to it.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet

Education is the best weapon we have to face the world around us. This is so in adults, children and young people in general. The SANS Institute says on its online safety page that the “key to protecting children online is educating them and making sure you talk to them and they talk to you.” In short, education and trust. This non-profit institution is not without reason. Since 1989, it has been dedicated to offering resources and training related to the security applied to technology and the Internet in all areas of our lives.

child about online safety

However, although it is easy to say, it is not always easy to apply. But no one said that being a parent was a simple task. It is also true that today it is somewhat more complex than a few years ago when the world was not so small due to globalization and we did not have access to as much information or technologies as it does today.

But whether we want it or not, we live the reality that we live. And this forces us to make certain decisions as parents and to offer our children all the information and education they need to move freely and safely independently.

Let’s see some tips that the SANS Institute collects to educate your children and provide them with all the help and support necessary to access the Internet safely.

Educate and Communicate Your Children

One of the problems many parents encounter is not being familiar with the technology their children access. We all have a smartphone, but it is not so common to play with a video game console. Furthermore, it is not the same applications that an adult installs as a minor or young person.

Precisely, the approach proposed by SANS is to start from basic standards. And, from there, see what problems or challenges are presented to us. Or in other words, based on minimum standards of coexistence, adapt to the applications or services to which minors have access and assess to what extent they are or are not recommended.

In this list of coexistence rules, you have to take into account when they can access the Internet and for how long. Obviously, there are priorities, like studies or other activities.

From here, it is convenient to define the use they make of the Internet. If the physical equivalent is, for example, how far from home they can go or what type of establishments they can enter, it is convenient to define what type of content they can see and, an important aspect in social networks, what personal information they can and cannot share.

More basic tips. Treat others as we would like to be treated, make them aware that there is no anonymity on the Internet, and be cautious: in the network of networks, not everyone is who they say they are.

It should also be borne in mind that the rules applied at different ages and at different degrees of maturity cannot be the same. The older and more responsible, the more freedom of action. Hence, we must adopt the requirements and regulations to the age of each minor.

On the other hand, popular Internet services have systems to block certain types of content and even have filters for minors. The same occurs with PC, Mac, Android or iPhone operating systems, which already have parental systems.

SANS Institute ends its tips on Internet safety with one we don’t always pay attention to. Lead by example. What is the use of requiring minors to dedicate their time to us when they play with their smartphone if we react the same way to our smartphone or television? Especially at the initial ages, children learn by imitation, so it will be easier to teach them habits by practising them ourselves than by ordering them.

Secure Connection and Premium Qustodio

Remember that all Movistar clients have access to Secure Connection. It is a free service that protects your Internet browsing on all devices that are connected through the Movistar network. In addition, it blocks malware and phishing threats and alerts from risky websites.

Additionally, Movistar also offers Qustodio Premium. You can try this paid service for free for a month. It limits the use and content accessible on the Internet as well as what games and applications are run. It also generates alerts and reports on the habits of your children on the Internet.

XBox Free Gift card Generator 2020

There are many of us who play games on their mobile devices, but if you really want to make the most of the games, then it is very important for you to play games on game consoles. There are several game consoles on the market that claim to offer a wonderful gaming experience, but only a few of them are in line with player expectations, and Xbox is one of them. Xbox is widely used by users around the world and in this article, we will help you save hard-earned money by providing tips and methods that will help you earn free Xbox live codes.

Xbox Gift Card Codes Generator

Latest XBox Gift Card Generator

The official portrayal of Xbox Live in the US was one of the first. Along these lines, players from everywhere throughout the world have opened records with enrollment to this locale. Presently the circumstance has changed. Also, presently every one of the highlights of the Xbox Live administration is accessible for clients in various nations with the capacity to enlist represents their locale of habitation.

Pay for the buy of latest xbox gift card generator the ideal game or utilize another accessible paid administration, you can in the wake of refilling the record in the Xbox store. To do this, you have to purchase an Xbox gift voucher. At the point when the Xbox prepaid card code is initiated, its worth is changed over to neighbourhood cash and added to the Microsoft account.

It ought to be noticed that you can utilize gift vouchers just for those records that are enlisted in the separate areas. Gold status can be acquired and actuated for any nation, including Australia and America. Clients with the US are encouraged to make a record for the US locale. At that point, you can without much of a stretch utilize the cards to recharge the record of your record.

How to Generate Xbox Codes for free?

If you too want to access to some working Xbox Codes for free, continue reading to find out about some tried and tested methods of doing so for free and that too without any human verification!

Method #1. Join LifePoints and Win Gift Cards

  • You can join LifePoints for Free and win cash.
  • It’s a survey website that allows you to win money or steam cards for free. All you have to do is, sign-up and start doing daily FREE Tasks.
  • You can also join Vindale Research and SurveyJunkie to earn Money and gift cards.

Method #2.Creating a new Xbox account to get a month of free Xbox Live trial

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account and navigate to the Subscriptions page. If you don’t have a Microsoft
  • account already, Click here to sign up.
  • Select the Gold – 1 Month free trial
  • Click Next.
  • Here you would be required to add a credit card for successful registration.
  • Enter your billing information and click Next.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the sign-up process.

Method #3. Activate the free Xbox Live Gold Trial Account for One Month.

This method can be used only once, hence if you’ve done this in the past, then I am sorry to tell you that you won’t be able to use this method again.

  • You can get an extra free month of the Xbox Gold account.
  • How to check whether you’re eligible for the free Xbox Live trial?
  • To check if you’re qualified for this free trial, you’ll be automatical able to see the Gold – 1 Month Free Trial as a subscription gift.
  • Select the free Xbox Gold monthly trial
  • Click Next.
  • If asked, add the payment option to your account again.
  • Follow the instructions as the wizard will guide you through the entire sign-up process.

How Much Does Google Know About You?

Have you ever thought about how much the company knows everything about you? If you ask Google anything, it’s incredibly difficult for it not to know the answer, do you think you run away from that? Google is fabulous and at the same time a terrible company, it all depends on the point of view with which you see it. The services offered by this technology company have few or no rivals, and this is why millions and millions of people around the world use Google products. But, these products are not free, no matter you have never paid a penny for them, everything that Google offers comes with a price that is written in small print in the service contract.

google know about you

Google tracks practically all our movements on the network, even when we are not connected. Google knows so much about us that it perhaps knows us better than some of our friends, or even our mother. Although there are several ways to decide what you share and not with Google, and to what extent you are tracked by the company, most people have no idea about this, and those who know the tools and use them still have no complete escape from the eye. that sees everything, even if you stop using Google services.

How Much Does Google Know Me?

If we analyze a little where this giant has its eyes, we can calculate more or less how much the company knows about us. Surely more than once you have gotten a smile seeing how Google search results find exactly what you want as if the search engine was made especially for you, and it is because it is. Let’s see if you keep smiling at the end of this article.

If you want to know what the Internet says about you, surely your first option is to go to Google, and there you will find the first clue of how much this company knows about us.

Your Browsing History

From the Google History page, you can review each and every one of the searches you have done, broken down by time and date, be it the web, blogs, news, etc. This is part of Google’s tracking of everything you search for, from any device on which you are registered with your Google account. The company claims to use it to show you more relevant results completely tailored to your preferences, but this also works as a bubble in which Google puts you and that does not let you out of that user profile that the search engine creates for you.

Whether you log in with your Google account or not, thanks to Google cookies it still tracks all the sites you visit, how often you do it, how much time you spend on them, what order you access, and much more. Furthermore, this information is more than useful for advertisers who buy advertising space on Google, and for all the marketing the company engages in. And of course, that someone else that you can have access to this type of information, represents a quite big privacy problem.

Gmail Privado?

There is no such thing as private email when it comes to Google. If you have been using Gmail happily for many years, like me, and like millions of users, you should know that Google has access to everything you write from your account. It even uses the content of your private emails to show you personalized advertising. Use even what those who write emails to you write, regardless of whether they come from another mail service.

It is no surprise that Google knows your tastes so well if it even gets into your private conversations.

Your Documents, Our Servers

They may be your documents, but they are in the Google cloud and of course, Google can read them. All of Google’s services share unified terms of services, so if Google takes the liberty of reading your emails and getting data from them for whatever they do with the information, can you possibly expect that your documents in Drive aren’t read?

How to Pay Medical Bills Online using QuickPayPortal?

Quickpayportalwill allow you to securely and conveniently pay your bill online with a mastercard just by entering your patient invoice statement ID and selecting check in . / Your payments are going to be posted immediately and that they accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for your convenience. Quickpay portal is safer and straightforward to use. Many hospitals within the US are adopting quickpay portal for managing the web medical bills.


How to do QuickPayPortal Login?

  • If you would like to try to to the QuickPayPortal Login, which is additionally referred to as the QuickPayPortal check-in , then below are the set of steps that you simply got to follow.
  • Visit the official QuickPayPortal website either by logging on to on your browser or by clicking here.
  • When the quickpayportal website loads completely, you’ll be ready to find a text box where you’ll enter the QuickPay Code (QuickPayPortal Code), Access Code, or Statement ID that’s related to your doctor’s bill. Enter the QuickPay Code, Access Code, or Statement ID during this text box.
  • Click on the “Sign In” button below the text box.
  • You might be asked to enter a password once you click the “Sign In” button. If you’re accessing the QuickPayPortal website, you’ll got to create a password now. Else, you’ll enter your existing QuickPayPortal password.
  • And then continue with the on-screen instructions.

Now you’ve got completed the required procedures to perform QuickPayPortal login and have successfully logged into the QuickPayPortal website. Services

  • You can avail the subsequent Services by just accessing the QuickPay portal from the web site
  • You can make bill payments online
  • Manage and Access your Health Records
  • View and Update your Personal Information like communication details, account details, billing address etc.
  • Request for Prescriptions online from your doctor or healthcare provider
  • Receive Test Results directly into your account at QuickPay portal
  • Read patient educational material suggested by doctors
  • Send Messages to Your Health Care Providers for advice and suggestions from them
  • Manage, schedule or reschedule appointments together with your health care providers

How to Pay Medical Bills Online using QuickPayPortal?

  • If you would like to pay your medical bills online using QuickPayPortal, then it’s quite easy and you only got to follow the steps listed below.First of all, complete the QuickPayPortal login procedures mentioned in the above section.
  • Once you’ve got successfully signed into QuickPayPortal, you’ll be ready to see your dashboard to the left of the webpage.
  • Within the dashboard, click on the choice that says “Bill Payment”.
  • Now, you’ll be ready to view any outstanding bills that are synced with the QuickPayPortal which you would like to pay.
  • From the list, pick the doctor’s bill that you simply wish to pay using the QuickPayPortal.
  • After selecting the doctor’s bill, pick your preferred mode of payment.
  • Once you decide on your preferred mode of doctor’s bill payment, plough ahead and proceed with the transaction.
  • When you successfully complete the transaction and make the doctor’s bill payment, you’ll then receive a transaction successful SMS to your registered mobile number alongside an invoice or receipt of the transaction to your registered email address.
  • And now you’ve got finished successfully paying a doctor’s bill using the QuickPayPortal website.

How Climate Change Can Affect your Daily Cup of Coffee

The influence of climate change on coffee can be devastating in the coming decades. If no measures are put in place, cultivation will be much more difficult. Are two totally different things. But everything is connected. More when talking about the consequences of environmental problems. And it is even possible to trace the influence of climate change on coffee. An entire industry that depends on a series of factors linked to patterns: temperature, soil moisture, rainfall. And with a much drier future climate, production would be lagging.

Climate Change

This is the conclusion of a study accessible from Science Direct that focuses attention on Brazilian coffee production. According to the authors’ research, climate change could cause a 60% reduction in coffee production in certain areas of the country. The areas in which the study has focused are mountainous: Matas, in the state of Minas Gerais, and the mountains, in the state of Espíritu Santo.

These two zones produce around 20% of Brazil’s Arabica coffee variety. And the study predicts that in 2050 its climate will be much warmer and drier. And this is where the effects of climate change would be felt in coffee. The temperature would rise 1.7 degrees and the annual rainfall would decrease. Scientists have calculated that the current 1,257 litres per square meter would go down to 1,199 litres per square meter.

The researchers’ calculations point to this drastic 60% reduction. The main reason is the height of the crops. As they are mountainous areas, a change in temperature and rainfall influences more. And it is that in these places the climate is very humid and cold, so they are sensitive to any rise in thermometers.

A Proposed Solution

Little by little, the effects of climate change on areas or groups that have not been thought of until now are known. In the case of coffee, the ravages in production – the study is fixed only in certain areas of Brazil, but it is conceivable that it can be extrapolated to other areas – could affect consumption if measures are not taken. However, the main problem is not there.

There are currently 25 million small coffee producers. Furthermore, it is estimated that around 100 million households in Latin America and Africa live on coffee crops. They are jobs and livelihoods that may be at risk.

Although not everything is bad news. The study proposes a way to save 75% of coffee production. It is about exploiting the concept of agroforestry, a term that combines agriculture and the promotion of forests. In this case, it is about planting trees next to the cultivation fields. If half of the surface has tree shade, the daytime temperature is reduced by 2 to 3 degrees.

Scientists believe that this method is especially effective at heights between 600 and 800 meters. Tree planting is a change of habits that would have to take place from now on to be effective.