Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens

Contact Lens

The augmented reality has become a technological trend in recent years, and companies from all technology sectors have shown interest in applying such mills in their daily activities. Furthermore, with the arrival of 5G, the augmented reality and virtual reality market are transforming to reach all areas.

Contact Lens

Thanks to its application, we can add virtual information in the real world through a technological device, combining physical and tangible elements with other virtual ones in real-time. Maybe some of the most characteristic examples of augmented reality are applications like Pokemon Go or Ikea Place, but its use has crossed all sectors.

The World’s First Smart Lenses

The company Mojo Vision has presented, within the framework of the CES 2020 technology fair held in Las Vegas (USA), the first augmented reality lenses aimed at people with some type of vision problem. These new ‘Mojo Lens’ integrate micro led screens and will be totally wireless.

Despite the fact that the prototype presented included cables, the creators assure that the final product that will be launched on the market will include an external device that will analyze the information. What will be its main uses? From the startup, they highlight that, among its main applications, are eye tracking, text translation, facial recognition or zoom.

A vision of the future? They could be considered, as they have described it from the startup itself, as the first truly intelligent lenses in the world, whose objective is to offer information to the user without having to look at their mobile. Therefore, these augmented reality lenses will also offer useful information such as the weather, the calendar, the time or the music controller.

Its applications have been introduced in the world of entertainment, vision, fashion, real estate, industry, security and even in healthcare. Now, a startup has developed the first augmented reality contact lenses.

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